News 2018

Acquisition of Dispendix by the Swedish biotech company Cellink (November 2018)

Gunter Festel co-founded the laboratory equipment company Dispendix in 2016 with 4 co-founders as spin-off from the Fraunhofer Society. He was non-executive director and main investor of Dispendix.


Winning of the Fribourg Innovation Price of the year 2018 by NanoLockin (November 2018)

The Adolphe Merkle Institute spin-off, NanoLockin, has been awarded the 2018 canton Fribourg innovation prize in the start-up category. The company, launched earlier this year, has developed a detection system for nanoparticles in complex media.

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Appointment as lecturer at the University of Basel and start of the Lifescience Venturing course (May 2018)

Gunter Festel started the Lifescience Venturing Course at the University of Basel in May 2018. This course is based on similar courses currently held at the Technische Universitšt Berlin and in the past at the National University of Singapore and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.


Appointment as professor of hightech and lifescience entrepreneurship at the Technische Universitšt Berlin (April 2018)

Gunter Festel was appointed as honorary professor for High-tech Entrepreneurship at the Technische Universitšt (TU) Berlin/Berlin Institute of Technology within the Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management.

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Election as board member of the Swiss political party FDP.The Liberals within his local community (February 2018)

At the general meeting in February 2018, Gunter Festel was elected as board member of the political party FDP The Liberals Stansstad with the responsibility for the party's finances.


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